DADORG stands for Development of Africa by the Diaspora Organized (zation).
IMPORTTANT NOTIFICATION: In few days We are going to launch a new and better version of Dadorg with new features. All your old accounts will be same so you all will be able to login on new dadorg system with your old login credential. So due to this reason on this current system new registration services and change password features are stopped.
Account type
Regular user and home users
Up to 3 images per listing 
10 active listing
  • For companies
  • Organisation
  • Upload company's logo
  • Upload multi listings
  • Up to 10 image per listing
  • Unlimited number of listing 
  • Auto renew 
  • Company's page
  • Add a website url
Agents & Affiliates group.
Job opportunity
Earn up to 10% of subscribed client

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