There are many benefits of using our platform, bellow is some of them:

A. As a seller

  1. Dadorg gives you a huge visibility both locally and globally.
  2. Through our different social media directly connected to our website, you get an aggressive marketing campaign for your company and all your products or services .
  3. If you have your own website dadorg will link customers to your website and so increasing the traffic on your website or other social media handles that you use
  4. Through Dadorg you will be able to secure sales for your products or services nationally, regionally and internationally.
  5. Through our data base dadorg will compile a business directory for every company registered on the platform across the continent of Africa and abroad, so that anyone from anywhere, searching for a product which you offer, will be able to get information about your company and your products thus connecting your business with other businesses worldwide.
  6. If you have put price list of your product, the platform will list your product among other products from other competitors. Thus giving the buyer a possibility of choosing from who to buy and if you offer more values than competitors or if your price is better than those of your competitors, then you have a chance of closing that sale.
  7. Unlike your own website, dadorg makes it possible for buyers to find you even when they were not looking for you, provided they were looking for what you offer.
  8. Dadorg as a Platform makes buying and selling easy, efficient and secure


  1. dadorg gives you a chance to “window shopping” while in the comfort of your house, perhaps in your bed, on your sofa set, in your office even in a company of friends.
  2. dadorg saves time and money, instead of you wasting your time in the traffic JAM, you can order whatever you want from wherever you are
  3. Comparing prices: Dadorg gives an opportunity to compare products and prices before you make that decision. It makes it easier, quick and reliable. You will leave your home knowing exactly what you want and where to find it.
  4. Dadorg gives advice if you want to buy something very important, before you close the deal.
  5. If you chose to make an order online, dadorg, will facilitate the payment and will ensure your money is refunded in case of nonperforming goods.

It is very simple to advertise your business on Dadorg. Bellow are some of the few steps that you need to take to advertise

  1. Go to
  2. Click on post you add .
  3. Sign in if you are already a member using your email or other social media account that you already using
  4. Choose the category in which what you want to post belongs to
  5. Under categories you will have to choose one of the sub-category.
  6. Fill in the required information like
    • a) The title of your post,
    • b) A description of what you want to post. Make sure your description explains in detail what you want to sell. Try as much as possible to give all necessary details, so that the buyer only contacts to confirm the deal.
    • c) Put the price in your currency. However, it important to remember that because your product will be shown worldwide, then the price will show in US dollar s which is kind of an international currency . The buyer will then then convert to the ir local currenc ies

    If you don’t want to show the price or if your product is for free, there is also a possibility choos ing “Free “
  7. Upload Pictures of your product: ensure that you take nice , clear and original pictures, which reflects exactly what you are selling. The picture is important as it speaks to the buyers and shows them exactly the condition of your product.
  8. You can choose extra options, or you can jump that step at once and
  9. Submit. Your advert is now online

It is very simple to register on All you have to do is:

  1. Go to
  2. At the top right of your computer or phone, click on the button "join free"
  3. Choose register, and then three different account types will be available for you.
  4. Select one group by clicking on Select group under your preferred choice: standard, Company or Agent
  5. Fill in all the required information marked by *
    NB: Remember to complete the numbers at the bottom of this form, to ensure that the system understands that you are human being and not a robot.
  6. Then submit. Sometimes an email will be sent to your email for confirmation.
  7. Open your email, if you don’t see the email in your inbox, check in your trash or spam. Click on the link to activate your account. There you have it, you can then go back and sign in using the credentials you created, and enjoy using

Because dadorg wants to promote private individual to do business and make money to support themselves and their families, but also support the growth of small and medium enterprises to grow even bigger.

  1. Dadorg services are free of charge as far as registration is concerned.
  2. However, for companies to register the system will ask you for information concerning your credit card or your mobile money number. So that you can pay using these means to enable the company to give you the support you need, so that we can all grow together. Companies will pay some small subscription amount which will be set on this website, to enable dadorg support you better.
  3. Never pay anyone cash. Information about the company’s mobile payment will be available on this platform or it may be given to you by one of our agents. When paying ensure that the account given shows that it belongs to Dadorg.