We have launched a new Version of our platform The new version gives you, our esteemed customers, more possibilities and flexibility, of selling your product, directly online to your estimated customers, in your surrounding as well as globally, without meeting them physically. Payment will be done directly online through us, so you don’t have to worry of customers ordering your products and failing to pay.

Likewise, we protect the buyer from unreliable users who pretend to sell products 

that they don’t have, or which are different from what they have posted. The new 

dadorg platform gives us a possibility of being a mediator between you the seller 

and the buyer in case of conflict. In short, this new version of Dadorg resolves the 

long-standing issue of payment and makes communication easy for all our users.

Please be aware that is not responsible for delivering any ordered 

product sold on this platform. As the delivery of ordered products to the 

customer/buyer, remains exclusively the responsibility of the seller. Sellers must 

be sure they deliver ordered products to their estimated customers on time. It is 

also their responsibility to update the delivery status of their product on this 

system using their dashboard as vendors on 

They must indicate when the product was delivered to the customer, so that can process their payments afterwards. will only release 

the payment to the seller once the product has been delivered.  The delivery 

confirmation must be done through this platform without the customer raising any 

complaint regarding the order. This shall reassure us that everything is fine and 

that we can process the payment accordingly.  

NB: All our current (existing) esteemed customers are advised to login using their 

existing credentials. Please note that you will need to move all your products on 

this new platform from the old one on your own and manually.

This new version of Dadorg gives you more added values. So, you can’t afford to miss 

these golden opportunities of making money online using this super-easy-to-use platform.

As for our dear new customers, please consider registering your business or services today 

on Dadorg com and you will never regret it or look back again. 

It is swift, secure and easy. Dadorg transforming Lives.