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It is a platform that offers solutions to individuals, small, medium, and large companies, giving them an opportunity to post and sell their products online to customers across the globe at very low cost. All of this without having to spend money on marketing, sending invoices etc. The platform takes care of it. The only requirement on the sellers’ end is that they must send the product to the willing buyer in order to conclude the transaction. 

Service providers are not left behind: offers service providers a golden opportunity to meet thousands of people who need your services around you and across the world. Today you can offer your expertise to people who are thousands of miles away from you. is offering you exactly that, connecting you, service providers, with those in need of your services. So, you can serve as many people as possible who will rate you so the system will recommend you to more users based on your performance. This may include hotels, salons, electricians, engineers, mechanics, doctors, counsellors, pastors, priests, traditional healers, entertainers, event organisers etc… has not forgotten you who would like to sell your house, your car, your bike, your Mobile phone, anything second hand; which you want to dispose of and for which there might be someone who needs exactly that item . As the saying goes someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure. 

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